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A Short History of Astrology

Astrology has been studied longer than almost any civilization. The study of the planets and stars can be traced all the way back before written history. The first known culture to document the planets were the ancient Sumerians.

The first culture to integrate astrology into their belief system were the ancient Babylonians over 2,400 years ago.

Ancient civilizations and early human hunter-gatherers used the planets and stars for navigation, agriculture, and time-telling. They each were heavily reliant on understanding their place in the cosmos for not only their sense of survival, but for knowing who and when they were.

The Benefits of Astrology in the Modern Age

Astrology, and especially the study of your own birth chart, is an incredibly powerful tool for self-discovery on the journey to know thyself. Ancient and modern astrologers alike use astrology to pinpoint certain characteristics as a way to assess your key personality traits. Each person’s birth chart is an energetic finger print and is ultimately unique to them. Astrologers believe that each person came here on a deeply personal and unique journey that the birth chart highlights. 

How a Reading with a Professional Astrologer Can Help You Grow and Awaken

A professional astrologer will enter your birth information (birth day, time of birth, and location of birth) to pin point exactly where the planets were when you took your first breath. From this information, they will be able to effectively describe your personality, your soul mission, your relationships, and an endless amount of fascinating information. 

The goal and mission of a professional astrologer is to hold space with you as a client to address various important parts of your life. A session with an astrologer can feel like a reverse-therapy session. Meaning that you will show up and they will describe your problems and will work to provide meaningful solutions and approaches to them. A session with a professional astrologer should leave you feeling seen and understood while providing you the assistance you need to know yourself better.

How the Planets Affect Your Life

Sun in Astrology

The Sun in Astrology

The Sun in astrology defines a person’s true authenticity. The Sun is the most common star that people know. It represents your ego, your personality, your drive, your natural gifts and talents, and who you show up as The Sun sign in astrology that you’re born under typically dictates:

  • your ego,
  • your general personality traits,
  • your self-radiance, 
  • what you’re naturally good at,
  • where you shine most easily in life
  • how you fill yourself up energetically
  • the types of people you associate with based on your personality.
Moon in Astrology

The Moon in Astrology

The Moon in astrology defines a person’s deeper unconscious and emotional nature. The Moon sign that you’re born under dictates:

  • how you process emotions,
  • your unconscious motivations,
  • your psychic gifts and talents,
  • what you desire to experience or manifest,
  • how you like to be treated
  • the types of memories you remember easiest
Mercury in Astrology

Mercury in Astrology

The planet Mercury in astrology defines the way a person thinks, perceives reality, speaks, and processes thought. Mercury is all about communication, which includes technology, social encounters, and how your mind operates. Here are a few distinctive traits of how Mercury appears in astrology:

  • how you process thoughts,
  • the way you speak,
  • how you operate technology and communicate
  • the way you create plans
  • the sound and tone of your words and voice
  • what you think about
Venus in Astrology

Venus in Astrology

The planet Venus rules over our relationships, feminine energy, love languages, personal values, financial desires, and beauty. Venus in the birth chart and astrology highlights the type of person we are in relationships and how we attract with our personal magnetism. Here are some common traits associated with Venus in astrology:

  • your relationship expectations,
  • your love language(s),
  • the type of person you show up as around others,
  • the amount of money you desire to earn,
  • the personal values you hold,
  • how you perceive beauty and attraction
Mars in Astrology

Mars in Astrology

The planet Mars rules over our body’s physical energy, sexual nature, aggression, anger, boldness, willpower, masculine energy, and strategizing. Mars is a planet associated with war and conquering. Here are some of the themes associated with Mars in astrology:

  • how you process anger and aggression,
  • what you’re willing to fight for,
  • how to energize yourself through personal willpower,
  • your drive and motivations
  • your sexual nature, desires, and fantasies
  • your inner-warrior and conquerer
Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter in Astrology

The planet Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and rules over philosophy, expansion, the bigger picture, adventure, story-telling, and higher education. Jupiter is the philosopher of the planets and teaches us how to zoom out of life to see further. Here are some traits that are associated with the planet Jupiter in astrology:

  • your higher values and personal philosophy,
  • asking deeper questions out of life (“Why am I here?”),
  • good luck and good fortune,
  • optimism and planning for the future,
  • the types of adventures you enjoy going on,
  • Creating a fulfilling life for yourself
Saturn in Astrology

Saturn in Astrology

The planet Saturn represents the hard work, discipline, responsibility, and commitment life takes to achieve greatness. Saturn is often seen as a strong father figure in astrology. Here are some of the traits associated most with Saturn:

  • your “purpose” and need for discipline,
  • personal responsibility,
  • feeling restricted and confined,
  • the “prison” of life,
  • creating meaningful structure and organization in your life,
  • things you say “hell yes” to instead of “maybe.” 
  • removing unnecessary baggage and patterns from your life
Uranus in Astrology

Uranus in Astrology

The planet Uranus is the epitome of “breaking out of the matrix.” Uranus rules over rebellion, synchronicity, liberation, sudden changes, universal intelligence, higher awareness, and freedom. Here are some of the traits of Uranus in astrology: 

  • manifesting from your awareness (synchronicity),
  • rebellion from tyrannical authority,
  • personal and spiritual awakening,
  • Breaking patterns and cycles,
  • your perception of humanity at large, 
  • mastery of manifestation and awareness through awakening
Neptune Retrograde

Neptune in Astrology

The planet Neptune represents all aspects of higher spirituality and the subconscious mind including dreams, belief systems, spiritual awakening, energy work, manifestation, illusions, deception, and the astral plane: 

  • awakening the soul from the human self,
  • spiritual awakenings and magick,
  • breaking through illusions and deception,
  • vivid and lucid dream practices,
  • our personal connection to spirituality, 
  • our connection with beliefs and belief systems
Pluto in astrology

Pluto in Astrology

The planet Pluto rules over generational patterns, trauma, darkness, alchemy, shadow work, repression, psychology, death, and rebirth. Pluto moves very slowly and teaches us about what entire generations of people are collectively working through. Here are some of the themes of Pluto in astrology:

  • integration of the shadow self,
  • alchemy; turning lead into gold,
  • looking directly at what we repress psychologically,
  • working through generational trauma,
  • repressed anger, fear, and darkness, 
  • battling collective demons
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